Know Your Own Name

Liberating Ideas and Liberating Yourself

Am I willing to lose everything in order for my life to be extraordinary? What am I willing to give up?  What am I carving out? What has meaning?

Every turn in my life is a test of my commitment and understanding of who I am. My fears of not being taken care of, someone taking my life from me, doing it better, drowning me out, diluting "who I am", or stealing my contributions are present and powerful. Embracing the shame, the loss, and death of who I thought I was transcends these fears and fuels an extraordinary life. Years of work, endless conversations, and the courageous act of being accountable for it all, is another turn into who I am. 

In the midst of searching for who I am, the idea came simply, gracefully. A belief in ones essence, a truly unique contribution. It was beautiful. It cast aside the assumption that life is long. It dissolves the fear of someone taking it from you. It knows its value is not determined by riches, but by wealth. It is a daring adventure. It is running as fast as you can to shout into the world. It is a liberation.

In your search, armed with this belief, you must sort through the ideas in the world to find you own. Mining the ideas that stand in your essence, casting away the ideas that keep you from your contribution. Loosening the anchor of fear and loss to send your life into motion. You will move. You will unravel what makes your life explode in to a brilliant expression. Ultimately known as the lasting impression or continuing inspiration, you will be known by your name.

Knowing your own name is knowing where you begin. Being so bold and so vulnerable the world can not ignore that you are distinct. It is surrendering to be of service in the world, to be in the world. Liberating all that you are and will be. 

Do not be mistaken, the ideas you find will not glorify or define ego.  The ideas will not feed into to your needs and addictions.The ideas are not magic potions or lucky breaks. They are found in the quiet parts of you, the parts that hide in your soft center. The trueness of you that resists to find the light of day. The part of you that you are assured will kill you the moment it is free in the world. Boldly drawing this essence out is a lifetime of courage and work.

In the end, it is making your contribution, it is finding your essence. It's Knowing Your Own Name.

KYON is a movement to generate, communicate, and share ideas.  Free ideas from intellectual property systems. Free ideas from the confines of a small group of experts. Free ideas from the individual with no intention or ability to deliver them. Free ideas to accelerate evolution. Free ideas to find your own liberation.

KYON, Know Your Own Name.